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Newfiedoodles, also commonly called newfypoos ( poofoundland/poofie or my favourite, newdle can also be used) are a mixed breed cross between a poodle and a Newfoundland dog. Depending on the size of the poodle they can come in various sizes. As a mixed breed they will inherit characteristics from both parents, in this case, the poodle and the Newfoundland.

The Newfoundland Dog

The Newfoundland dog originates from Newfoundland Canada.  They were bred to be helpers for fisherman on fishing boats and worked at fetching lines and hauling loads.  Newfoundlands are known for their swimming ability have gained fame as water rescue dogs and generally all around sweet, gentle giants.  Newfies are very large dogs with males weighing up to 150bs (and I've seen bigger), they have a glorious thick, long, soft double coat and giant heads with soulful eyes. They are the original nanny dog, named for their gentleness and love of children.  The original dog in Peter Pan was a Newfoundland ( although she's often depicted as a St Bernard).  Now for the downside: Newfoundland dogs drool, a lot, to the point that a lot of people who own one walk around with a drool cloth and still the dog will slime you at the dog park ( and they tell me they have it on their ceilings and walls not to mention furniture and clothing!).  And they shed, again, a lot.


The Poodle 

The Poodle originated in Germany where it was bred to be a water retriever. The word pudel in German meant to splash or be wet. The poodle is one of the smartest dog breeds.  They learn quickly and seem to enjoy doing it.  The reason most circus dogs are poodles.....they can be taught complex tricks relatively easily. They have a curly non shedding coat that does require clipping. They make a great family companion and will happily accompany you on any adventure. Contrary to popular belief they aren't a "girlie" or "fancy" dog necessarily, particularly the standards can hold their own with the big kids at the dog park.


Why doodles?  Doodles are by and large a result of people wanting a dog with a lower a shedding coat that   retains some characteristics of a dog breed other than the poodle.  People realized that when other dogs were crossed with a poodle the resulting puppies had low shedding coats and increased intelligence as well as typically good health due to hybrid vigor ( improved health of mixed breeds due to increased genetic diversity) and retained some of the personality and character of the non-poodle breed. 

People love doodles! The dog parks are full of them. Why? Because doodles have the characteristics that we want! ( And maybe they don't have some of the characteristics we don't want- like drooling in the newfoundland.)  People call doodles 'designer dogs'.  This makes me laugh because all dogs are designer dogs!  Human beings shaped the evolution of dogs to fit what we wanted in this companion.  This was done by breeding 2 dogs together that had, what we considered, desirable characteristics. If you want a good dog breed 2 good dogs. Modern pure bred dogs look and behave the way they do because people designed them to be that way. Through selective breeding for desirable characteristics and away from undesirable ones. The only reason for a bulldog to have a pushed in face is that humans wanted it that way.


As previously stated the Newfiedoodle is a cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Poodle.

F1:  (first generation) has one parent of each breed.

F1b: means that you have an F1 dog that is then back crossed or bred to one of the original breeds (typically the poodle in doodles). This is what we will have, F1b Newfiedoodles. 

Newfiedoodles have the low shedding coat and intelligence from the poodle as well as tighter lips so they don't drool.  They get sweetness and calmness and size from the Newfoundland.

Newfiedoodles are typically larger than other doodles with most landing somewhere between 60-90lbs, although there are lots examples that are larger or smaller.  They tend to be calmer that a lot of other doodles and have the human-like empathy of the Newfoundland along with his soulful eyes and seeming ability to understand you when you speak.  They have a low shedding coat, with the F1b's having a lower chance of shedding than the F1's.  These low shedding coats do require significant grooming and clipping. Newfiedoodles are more athletic and agile than a newfoundland dog while still retaining the calmness and character of that breed. These are a smart, eager to please mix that will do well in obedience, agility or any other dog sport. They bond to their families and don't do well as outside dogs or with being left alone excessively. They want to be involved in whatever the family is doing and are capable of accompanying you on any adventure.  As with all large dogs they need early socialization and ideally should attend some obedience classes. They make great family companions who want to be with you and do whatever you're doing.

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